Control4 Products for Your Home

Music, theater, heating, lighting and shades – all with one touch.

Were you in a rush to leave the house this morning and wondering if you closed the garage door? Grab your smart phone and check all of your doors and locks from your office desk.

Having a small gathering of friends this evening? Fire up the hot tub from the kitchen.

Leaving the office early? Set your heater to turn on a little earlier so your home is nice and toasty when you walk in the door.

This is what an automated home can do for you. With Control4 products, you can have complete Control4 remote control over your house systems – climate, lighting, security, audio and visual, sprinklers – from the comfort of the couch or from the airport terminal. Controls can include tidy wall-mounted touch screens in your home, tablet touch screens, smart phone apps and computer accessed controls.

Home System Solutions works with Control4 to bring smart home technology to Central Oregon. Control4 products are effective, easy to customize, simple to use and flexible to your needs. We can integrate smart home technology into a new home, or retrofit a current home. We’ll set you up with the features that you need and teach you how to use the system. You’ll love the ease and convenience of your smart home!