Automated Lighting and Shade Control

Elegance, convenience and efficiency for your lifestyle.

Smart, automated lighting and automated shades add elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your home. Raise or dim any light in any room or brighten the entire house with a single touch. Shading can work directly with lighting to provide added comfort and style. Or set your home on a “wake up” and “goodnight” schedule, so your lighting and shading do what you need when you need it. For a dedicated home theater, lighting and shading is critical for optimal viewing!

We can design a lighting and shading control system that suits your home and lifestyle. Your lighting can be programmed for different settings for specific “lighting scenes”, energy efficiency and comfort throughout your house. While you may want your kitchen to be brightly lit for cooking, your living room can be dimmed to the perfect light levels for entertaining or movie watching. Coupled with motorized shades, you can have true entertainment lighting experience. If you are a frequent traveler, you can choose settings that make your house appear to be occupied while you are away.

Make your home not just smart. Make it brilliant.