Smart Home Theater

State-of-the-art video and audio

True home theaters are not just rooms with a television and surround sound. A home theater is a specially equipped room that uses state-of-the-art audio and visual technology to give you a theater caliber viewing experience. Whether you are watching your favorite movie or the Super Bowl, get ready to sink into a custom home theater and enjoy the show.

Simply put, we love designing home theaters! There are so many options to customize and enhance the viewing experience, such as new 4K projectors, theater screens and surround cinema sound. Perfectly calibrated surround sound gives you that feeling of being part of the movie. Flat screen or projector screens are chosen based on your room and viewing styles. Adjustable lighting and shades give the perfect amount of light or darkness. Comfy, plush home theater seating allows for full relaxing. Sound engineering and acoustical treatments allow sound to absorb and bounce off just the right places, while keeping the rest of your home nice and quiet.

Not only will we set up your entire room and system, but we will also help you decide which system control options are best for you. Whether you have a movie collection on a hard drive or want to download or stream movies from the Internet, we will set up a home theater system that suits you and your family.