Living Space Entertainment Center

Beautiful and functional media for your whole house.

Simplify your smart home entertainment system in one or all rooms in your home. Watch television, access your movies, stream video or power up a video game in your living room or choose different activities throughout your house. Your living room may be the place for movies and your kids rooms might be the place for gaming. Your home office might need high-speed internet and music. Add a television to your kitchen to add entertainment while cooking. Or add a TV above the bathtub for relaxation after a hard day of skiing.

We will help you enjoy your home entertainment where it best fits in your home and we can help you choose a music streaming service. We can network an entire home or certain rooms. We will help you choose from the best products – flat screen TVs, projectors, DVR players, Blu Ray players, game players, sound bars, speakers and more. We know how much ventilation your system needs or how fast your Internet needs to be for optimal performance.

New technologies, such as in ceiling speakers, provide a beautiful look to your high tech home. We partner with highly respected craftsman to bring you custom design and custom or modified cabinetry results for beautiful style with no wires, switches, cords or controls. And, as always you’ll have smart phone control over your system!